Finest Lock Change in Charleston, SC

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Looking for someone to do the lock change in the Charleston, SC metro area? Luckily, we’ve been offering fast and affordable lock replacement solutions to home and business owners for over a decade. Our success in the field is not a coincidence. We only hire experienced specialists known for their trusted mobile lock services. There will be no regrets and no worrying when you choose to hire us. Our men offer quality and affordability. Whether you need to change locks on the house or upgrade the ones at your Charleston, SC office, we can help. So give us a call and find out how we can help you secure your most valuable assets! (843) 883-6961.

Lock and Deadbolt Replacements At Your Doorstep!

We are a fully mobile company. This means you no longer have to purchase the hardware at Home Depot and call another party to perform the change. Nowadays, we cover 100% of your needs by carrying different types of deadbolts and locks at all times. In addition, our team in Charleston, SC, carries the most advanced deadbolt replacement tools on the market. As a result, we know the way to every lock change needed in your residences or workplaces. In addition, we grant you the option to choose from various locking systems right at your doorstep! We are the most recommended in Charleston, SC, so you can easily find us.

Lock Change On A Business in Charleston, SC

While other Charleston lock and key service providers focus on residential work, we can handle any of your requests! Sadly, this profession is filled with what we call “amateurs.” If you wish to replace locks on a commercial estate, the most local service provider will turn you down for various reasons.

Nowadays, businesses use panic bars, SmartCode cylinders, and electronic door locks to protect their investments. To change these types of locks efficiently, one must be knowledgeable and properly trained. Either way, we don’t recommend you to choose the person who changes your commercial locks in Charleston, SC, randomly. As far as the price goes, we always stay competitive. From August 2019, commercial customers can enjoy up to 15% off on all lock-change tasks! So don’t hesitate. Call (843) 883-6961 and join more than a thousand satisfied clients!

Should We Repair Locks or Change Them Altogether?

About 80% of the calls we receive are regarding some emergency. Sometimes it’s lock replacement or lock rekeying. Other times it’s a broken door lock that needs to be fixed. From our point of view, calling Charleston’s finest to change your old locks is your best bet! Yes, you would be able to save some money by trying to fix the aged locks. But even though a lock repair service might solve the issue, it’s only momentarily. There’s nothing like a brand new deadbolt to keep your family safe! Above all, that’s why we encourage people to think ahead. We advise the residents of Charleston, SC, to do the lock change once every two years, even if there isn’t a problem that meets the eye.

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